Exhibition and Event Logistics in Turkey

Turkey is a very important georaphical region and crossroad for the worlwide transport industry. One of the most important connections with East and West as well as Europe and Asia. 

It is surrounded with Black Sea, Agean Sea and Mediterranean Sea. As a result of this it is going to be more important each day for the international transport system. It is acting as a hub for the worldwide sea transports as well as a transshipment point for the multimodal transports.

Some general statistics about the transport facilities in Turkey :

Sea freight - 965 vessels with a capacity of 4.635.482 gross tonnes Airfreight: - 7 airliners with standard flights. - 3 cargo liners. - 9 airliners with non regular flights. - 229 air transport agencies. Road freight : - 1.386 Haulers with approx 117.243 vehicles. Above information is pointing to the strength of Turkey in the Transport Industry. Unfortunately the picture is a bit different within the exhibition and event logistics. There are only few transport companies which has interest into this area.. There is no special customs or trade low for the exhibition shipments into Turkey. Only some regulations and rules existing and all type of such shipments must be handled according to these rules. The shipping documents, packaging and contents of all shipments must be in accordance with these rules and regulations. But it is not the responsibility of the hauler or forwarding company to fulfill these requirements. Because of a.m. reasons, ExpoLOGIST has been established as a Event Logistics Management company to assist the international organizers, exhibitors and their suppliers in regards to logistics matters, customs regulations, restrictions and solutions for above mentioned difficulties. It is the first company in Turkey which is acting in this area.