ExpoLOGIST is officially established in 2007 because of the need for “Event logistics only” service provider and its main activity is to provide logistics coordination and management services for all type of international events.

ExpoLOGIST is neither a transport nor a forwarding company.  It offers almost everywhere logistics & customs management services for exhibitions and events together with international experienced and well equipped agents.

Althought there are many suppliers offering event logistics services in Turkey, only a few can be found which has chosen this area as their main profession. One of the main reasons for ExpoLOGIST to exist is to serve the exhibitors as well as organizers for all their needs related to international logistics & customs issues.

ExpoLOGIST aims to deliver qualified and value added services with a professional team, suppliers and worldwide experienced agents.

The most important criteria for the exhibitors to chose their supplier is to get relevant support on paperwork, preparation, packaging, customs clearance, international transport and onsite services depending on the destination country they have to ship their materials to. For the organizers on the other hand, the most important criteria is to be sure to have the right supplier to ensure that all exhibitors and sponsors will get required logistics & customs support from one end.

ExpoLOGIST offers its whole technical knowledge and experience in this manner for your use like a consultant. Even if you won’t use the services of ExpoLOGIST, you should consider to use this consultancy service free of charge. We strongly recommend to take this opportunity. It may be too late to do this after your materials arrive in the destination country.