The management of logistics & customs services for International exhibitions, congresses, conferences etc. requires an unquestionable expertise. The logistics management of such events in Turkey were been taken care of by regular haulers or forwarders as a sub-service alongside their main transport activities. Whereas the need for specialized companies in “Event logistics management” became more of an issue with each international project.

The main reason for ExpoLOGIST to exist is to respond to this demand. ExpoLOGIST aims to deliver all necessary information and assistance for you to plan and manage logistics & customs related issues for your project. Preliminarily we will support you with the preparation, packaging, paperwork and international/local transport of your shipment. You either can have a look into the Howto section or just contact us to get appropriate information, support and offer.

All you have to do is to tell us what you need and what problem you are dealing with. The rest will be taken care of by ExpoLOGIST experts.

We promise to deliver high quality “Event logistics management” services by taking the customer satisfaction as our main objective.