75th World Congress of Homeopathy, LMHI 2022, 7 – 10 September 2022.

The 75th World Congress of Homeopathywill be held on September 7 - 10, 2022 in Istanbul

Dr. Altunay Ağaoğlu, President of the Congress/President of the Classical Homeopathy Association says :

"Our congress will be held in this ancient land where knowledge breathes from the soil and flows through the air. Hahnemann’s Homeopathic principles will be the central theme of the congress. If the roots of a tree are strong, the body and branches which lead to sky as well as the fruits will be powerful, healthy and nurturing. Not forgetting our roots and the historical inheritance delivered from Hahnemann, we design this congress to be the bridge to the other trends and branches that come out of the center."

The professional organization of LMHI 2022 is managed by Dekon Group and all exhibitors and sponsors may get the logistics & customs support of ExpoLOGIST team.

For details please visit the Congress website.