Prepare your shipment

All items imported for exhibition reasons into Turkey are considered either as a "temporary import" or a "permanent import" (For details, see "Customs related" from the menu). 

  • "Permanent" imports are any items that will remain in Turkey or that will be distributed/consumed in Turkey. This includes all items that will be distributed to attendees free of charge, items that will be thrown away at the end of the exhibition and anything that will not leave the country. 
  • "Temporary" imports are items that are brought into Turkey and then shipped exactly as they are back to their point of origin. Temporary imports must leave the country in the same packaging, same condition and in the same quantity as they entered the country ! This last point is extremely important. Should you, for instance, ship 10 signs to Istanbul and label them as "temporary", but only ship 9 back, the status of the entire shipment changes. If the quantity is off by even one unit, the remainder of the entire shipment is then switched from temporary to "permanent" status, taxed at 18% for VAT and up to another 60% in import duty. Also customs penalties will be applied. 
  1. Prepare your shipment
    As a "shipment" can contain as many boxes as you like, it is wise to send everything at once to lessen the import duties.
    Remember, temporary and permanent imports needs to be packed separately and send as separate shipments. You cannot send temporary and permanent items in the same box or even the same shipment.
  2. Prepare a Carnet-ATA for your temporary shipment.
  3. Prepare Commercial Invoice for your permanent (and if necessary for your temporary shipment).
    Temporary and Permanent invoices must be completed for every shipment (not every box, every shipment). This should be attached to the airway bill when the shipment is going to be dispatched. Use the samples provided by ExpoLOGIST (Permanent Invoice for Permanent imports and Temporary invoice for Temporary imports). The forms are the same, but the Temporary invoice includes a line designating the items as temporary.
    Be sure to include every item that is in every box.
  4. ATR-1 Certificate for each Invoice too
    ATR-1 is a free circulation certificate which will proof that your shipment is of EU origin. The same called EUR-1 is to be prepared for the shipments from EFTA countries.
  5. Send the documents to ExpoLOGIST for review
    Once you have completed your Commercial Invoices (one for temporary items, one for permanent), send the invoice to ExpoLOGIST. You can email the form as MS Word document. ExpoLOGIST will review the invoice to ensure it has been completed properly and confirm by return. Do not send any shipments until they have been approved by ExpoLOGIST. Allow a day or two for this part of the process.
  6. Affix Routing Label on all boxes
    You can use the label samples provided by ExpoLOGIST. Place one of these on the top and on one side of each box. There are three fields that you have to complete for each label: 
    1. For "Colli-Nr" enter which box this is and of how many (for instance, "2 of 5 boxes"). 
    2. "Gross-Weight" refers to the weight (in kilograms) of that individual box. 
    3. Under "Exhibitor" indicate to whom that shipment needs to be delivered to. The Routing Label has nothing to do with shipping, but is for helping ExpoLOGIST to locate your boxes, expedite the Customs process, and get them delivered to the venue.
      Also mark each box as "Temporary" or "Permanent".
  7. Prepare shipping label
    Address all shipments to ExpoLOGIST (only the given address). Do not ship anything directly to the venue or hotel as it may get stuck in the customs.
  8. Call shipping company
    FedEx, DHL and UPS are all suitable options for small shipments to Turkey.
    As mentioned previously, shipping companies will often tell people they will handle the customs formalities for you. Don't take this as a guaranty. If you have not completed proper paperwork or do not have an import agent, your shipment could be held in the Customs indefinitely.
  9. Send tracking numbers to ExpoLOGIST
    To facilitate the arrival of your shipment, it is advised that you notify ExpoLOGIST about your shipment. In addition to informing them about the tracking numbers, you should also let them know how many boxes you have, advise them how many of them are temporary and how many are permanent and send a copy of all your documents. 

If everything goes smoothly, you will get your shipment delivered to the venue upon your arrival.